The Bay of the Somme offers you a great variety of parks, natural sites and museums. It is an unspoilt region with dunes, marshes and meadows. The perfect region for many types of recreation.


We offer a large quantity of mapped walks in Dutch and French. These maps, which we provide to you free of charge, guide you through the beauty of this region.


The estate has a private petanque field and the necessary equipment, you can use until 22:00.

Bois de cise

In this picturesque town with its Belle Epoque houses, scattered in the forest, you can enjoy nature and architecture while walking. From the cliff you can descend with a staircase to the pebble beach.

Le hourdel

At the far end of the bay, in the small fishing town of Le Hourdel, you may be lucky enough to spot seals while walking on the pebble beach, swimming in the water or resting on the beach. The largest seal colony in France, consisting of about 500 animals, lives in this area.

Bay of the Somme

Between Le Crotoy and Saint-Valery, it is possible to cross the bay with a guide at low tide. It is a very interesting and refreshing way to spend your day, getting an explanation of the fauna and flora in the bay during the crossing.

the park of Marquenterre

This ornithological park is the stopping place for more than 300 bird species and extends over 200 hectares. The 6 km of hiking trails and the observation posts offer you a unique opportunity to see rare bird species and learn a little more about them.


Various places in the region offer the possibility to practice water sports.
Why not take a canoe trip on the Somme at your own pace?

the hortillonnages

You can visit these city gardens in Amiens with flat boats that sail through the many small canals. Enjoy your time in these boats while the guide tells you about the origin of this swamp. Admire the many beautiful gardens along your route. An ideal trip to combine with a visit to the historic center of Amiens.