Places of Interest

Enjoy the many places that the Bay of Somme has to offer or cross the border to the coast or the interior of Normandy. If you want to go a little further, you can walk through the old, medieval streets of Rouen in an hour’s drive and enrich yourself with the history of “Joan of Arc”. Do you prefer to stay in Picardy? Then admire the colorful light show on the walls of Amiens Cathedral in the evening, after your visit to this historical city.

Below you will find some visiting ideas for the Picardy – Normandy region.

Château Fort

A beautifully maintained 11th century castle with a colorful rose garden. This stronghold can only be visited with a guide, who will show you around the castle and tell you more about its history.


In addition to the glass museum, with its fine collection of perfume bottles, the Manoir de Fontaine also contains other permanent and temporary exhibitions, including a farm museum. After a visit to the museum, you will have the opportunity to follow a glassblower demonstration.

CHÂTEAU MUSÉE louis-philippe

This 16th century castle was the residence of nobles for a long time. The style of the residents from different time periods is also reflected in the interior. You can stroll around for a while in the garden and the park surrounding the castle.

le tréport

A walk in this old fishing town with rocky beaches and white cliffs is well worth it. With the free funicular you quickly get on top of the cliffs, where you can enjoy the panoramic view. A delicious meal in one of the many seafood restaurants should definitely not be missed.


In this seaside town, with its colorful houses, you will find yourself in the time of the Belle Epoque.
But a walk that takes you on top of the cliffs is also worthwhile.


A visit to the most famous village in the bay should not be missed. You can walk through the fishermen’s quarter with its small houses to the chapel of the fishermen. A walk through the medieval part, with its flower streets, on the other side of Saint Valery is also worthwhile.
On the Quai Perrée you can hop on the tourist train or book a boat trip to spot the seals in the bay.


This serene cemetery, nestled in the fields, is the final resting place to more than 800 Chinese guest workers. Many of these silent witnesses to the First World War died from the Spanish flu.

abbey and gardens

In Argoules you can visit part of the abbey of the Cistercians with a guide, including cloister and church. But especially the gardens, which are divided into different themes and colors, are a feast for the eyes and well worth a visit.


The capital of the Somme region is a “must” for people interested in history, nature and culture. Do not forget to visit the house of Jules Vernes and catch the light show at the Amiens Cathedral in the evening.


Rouen, the capital of Normandy, located along the Seine, certainly deserves a visit. Joan of Arc had a link with this historic town and is therefore still present in the street. Strolling in the old streets with half-timbered houses and artistic facades will take you back in time. The cathedral, the church “Joan of Arc” and the Gros Horloge are some of the important landmarks of the city.